We left Stedmans and walked to the dock to go to Big Corn. We bought some ripe banana patties(there’s a man who sells them and they are delicious he has pineapple and beef ones too) for today. My brother did really well on this journey,he wasn’t sick or anything. We asked a taxi to take us to Best View hotel (someone recommended it).When we arrived at the hotel, it was a big, green,white building with a restaurant at the top called Vernons Place.Image We got a bottom room with a tv, A-C (it was very loud),1 single and 1 double bed which was very comfortable. We had a shared balcony with deck chairs and a magnificent view of the Caribbean and you could just see little Corn. Our hotel said that they had internet but they didn’t or it didn’t work that well. After that we went for a long walk down the coast . The funniest thing I found on this island is the crab crossing warning sign that was everywhere.Image In England (for ex) there would be deer or sheep warning signs but here you would have crab signs! We stayed here for 5 nights altogether. Whilst we’ve been here we have seen most of the island. We walked to picnic beach and Arenas beach which is connected. It was a really long beach with a cargo dock at the end of it.ImageImage The sea was beautiful here it was calm,sandy and super clear. You could see everything that was underneath you. Near this beach there was a buggy rental so one day we rented one and drove around the island all day.ImageImage We met a couple who were renting a house and the man was making a fire on the beach(he came from London) so he could cook his fish later on here is a picture of him-.Image We drove down a dirt track towards the sea and we met an old man who had a small bit of land and a house,he said his family had had this property for 100 years. We drove down Long bay beach which was beautiful. I only saw 4 or 5 people on the whole beach! Although the sea was very rough here. We ate at a restaurant on Long Bay beach and it had an outdoor aquarium with 1 nurse shark(which was very fed up but you would expect it to be),Image 1 dozen big, silver fish and one beautiful, blue fish which was my favouriteImage and a few lobsters in a different pool.Image The water was only very shallow. We went to see one of 8 art installations around the world which correspond to the corners of an imaginary cube which sits perfectly inside the sphere of the earth. It was on Queens hill and it was in the middle of a run down park with a bit of a view of the island.Image The “pyramid” was dug into the ground with a barrier around it.Image

After going up Queens hill we arrived somewhere near the baseball stadium and a person told us there was a practise game on so we went to watch. I have never seen a game before so it was quite interesting. DSCN8896DSCN8898
We only went snorkeling in 2 spots. We went straight out from our hotel but the water only went just as far as your ankle. We also went to a spot where there was a long shallow rock pool which was very good for my brotherImageImage and the snorkeling off there was good,you could see big cliffs of coral and lots of groups of fish. The best thing was that we saw a parrot fish which was massive and you could see its mouth which looked like a parrot’s beak.


2 thoughts on “BIG CORN

  1. Am here again Jasmine hope you dont get fed up with me,,loved the one about the mermaid couldn”t stop laughing ,pleased to know you are playing tricks on other people and not just grandad lol.Jed looks to have changed a lot and looks a real buster wont be long beforeย  he is playing the tricks he certainly has a good teacher with his sister,.one thing you haven,t missed while you have been away is snow we havent had any it is probably waiting till you get back that will please your mum.I had to go to to hospital today for a new bandage on my finger i cant ride my bike yet and its doing my head in..Am watching a programme about sea monsters quite scary really but dont suppose they would scare you much after seeing a mermaid..bye for now lots of love grandadxxlove to your mum Ian @ Jed


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