2 thoughts on “Big Corn Island

  1. Am here again Jasmine hope you dont get fed up with me,,loved the one about the mermaid couldn”t stop laughing ,pleased to know you are playing tricks on other people and not just grandad lol.Jed looks to have changed a lot and looks a real buster wont be long beforeĀ  he is playing the tricks he certainly has a good teacher with his sister,.one thing you haven,t missed while you have been away is snow we havent had any it is probably waiting till you get back that will please your mum.I had to go to to hospital today for a new bandage on my finger i cant ride my bike yet and its doing my head in..Am watching a programme about sea monsters quite scary really but dont suppose they would scare you much after seeing a mermaid..bye for now lots of love grandadxxlove to your mum Ian @ Jed



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