After a great experience and fabulous time in the Corn Islands we said good-bye probably for ever and took the same aeroplane back to Managua. There was a taxi waiting for us. We all got in it and drove to Granada which is one hour away. We were going to a hotel called Las Americas that was really near the town center. Granada was the first colonial town built in Central America. It was founded and built by Francisco Hernández Cordoba. Granada is also probably the hottest place we’ve been on our all trip. Our hotel was a massive, colonial house. It was near a bar named Kelly’s ( all reviews said it was noisy). When you entered the building you were in a small entranceway,nice and spacious so it was a very nice welcoming.Image After that you were in a small court-yard with a neat little garden,DSCN9326 then you walked through a small corridor and into a court-yard area with a swimming pool, hammocks and a bar. That was very beautiful.DSCN9336 When I entered our room (which was on the bottom floor where the swimming pool was) I couldn’t believe how tall the ceiling was and how big the room was. There was a table with a tv above,3 rocking chairs with a coffee table,4 huge fans in each corner of the ceiling,1 gigantic four-poster bed and a double bed,a cot,a massive bathroom through a stable door with 2 sinks, a toilet and shower. The ceiling was amazing. Every morning and evening I went in the pool for as long as I could. Whilst we were here my brother learnt to walk between both of the beds so that was really fun watching him walking. Apparently the church in the town square is supposed to be the nicest one in Central America. We walked around Granada and went to see the lake of Nicaragua which wasn’t very stunning. Every time we went past this building we saw a homeless woman there. We also went to the choco museum which was ok. We also went in another museum which had lines of massive human bodies and animal head statues which came from Zapeteria island on Lake Nicaragua. There was also very good colourful paintings(Nicaragua is probably my favourit place for the drawings and paintings).We went up a church to where the bell was and that was the best view of Granada.DSCN9290DSCN9306DSCN9295DSCN9273 We got a taxi to take us on a tour and these are the places we went: First we drove to the Masaya volcano which is one that’s further out of Granada. This is a volcano that you can drive up so we came here so we could all go up. The taxi drove us up to a museum which was part of going up the volcano. These are some stories we read and things we saw;DSCN9174DSCN9172DSCN9168 On the way up we saw miles of dried up lava rock from the 1772 eruption and my brother learnt how to open car doors! DSCN9212 When we arrived at the top we could see some people with respirator masks over their mouth and a path going up to a cross but that was blocked off so you couldn’t walk up there.DSCN9202 We could see all the dried up lava from a distance now. We walked to where we could see smoke and we looked down and all you could see was smoke and smell sulphur dioxide.DSCN9197 At one point the wind completely changed and blew all the sulphur straight towards us and we nearly choked. My mum kindly lent her scarf to me whilst the ultimate traveller whisked the baby away. It was so unbearable that we had to leave so we didn’t get to go up to the highest point. After here we drove down to the town of Masaya and went to a walled market which sold a lot of arts and crafts for tourists so it was expensive so we didn’t buy anything. We went in a cafe and ate some food and drank. We picked a bad spot because we were on the outside of the cafe so we got a lot of people trying to sell us stuff. At one point there was this weird man who was just stood there holding a plastic bag with empty cans in it? There was a group of girls on another table and when they left the weird man followed them,he was stalking them! When we had finished our meal we walked back to the taxi and he drove us to a town called Catalina which has a mirador(view-point) of Lake Apoyo. The view-point had a few benches to look at the extraordinary view of Lago Apoyo. Apoyo was my first crater lake. It was perfectly shaped(nearly round) and clear blue. You could see the town of Granada straight ahead of you and beyond that you could see Lake Nicaragua. The lake was meters deep. We visualized this fantastic view into our mind and then we went back to the taxi and he drove us down to the crater lake. He brought us to a hotel that had a very good deal for the day but we only wanted to stay here for about 1 hour so we kept on looking for a (we had to pay to get down to the lake) spot to sit and swim. We found somewhere ok in the end but it was quite busy. The lake was really warm so it was magical to swim in it. You could only go out a few meters until the sand just dropped into darkness and that was a bit scary. After here we went to the cemetery in Granada. When we arrived there was a large path leading to the crematorium.The cemetery was huge. We saw the graves of the dead governors of Nicaragua and we saw some beautifully made patterned graves all around the gigantic cemetery. All the graves were either beige or white. The graves were massive. Some might have been at least 5 meters taller than us. After here our day was over and we arrived back at sunset for cocktails around the pool,lol.


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