About me

Hey! My name is Jasmine and I am a teenage -16- world traveller travelling with my family.  I was born in England but my life has mostly been spent elsewhere as I have been travelling since I was two with my mum and later on in my life continued to do so along with my-step- dad (known as The Ultimate Traveller -TUT- in my posts as he is the complete opposite) and six year old brother (Jedidiah). This blog is a sort of public journal of my travelling life, along with advice and opinions on places we have been and I hope you enjoy it either for entertainment or find it interesting and helpful if you’re planning to visit!

My hobbies extend from photography to art to food; which will probably be obvious in my posts :-). Having lived in India, the south of France and visiting a good portion of the rest of Asia, Europe, Central America and some of Africa what I can say is that no matter where you visit you will love it if your passion is to travel. You might not like some aspects of a town or country but there is always one part that will gain your heart whether that is the people, food, culture, sites or the landscape.

I went to Primary school in France therefore it is now a second language to me and I would recommend giving your child this opportunity in any country as the younger they are the faster they learn and the more doors it opens. I was then home educated for 5 years which gave us the opportunity to travel extensively and gave us all an education you cannot gain inside any school- the most important one. After part-time enrolment at a school for my GCSE’s (and continuing some whilst travelling) I am now continuing education with the school for my A levels but on my own, on the road as we are touring our way around Europe and Morocco in our Motorhome for the next year. Having mainly explored the East we have not had chance to explore our own continent very much so this is a perfect way to explore it.