About me

Hey! My name is Jasmine and I am currently 14 years old moving on to 15. My main hobbies are travelling, photography, family/friends, playing the guitar, art and food. I was born in England but I’ve spent most of my life in several different countries. First off I lived in India for 2 years when I was 2 and then me and my mum moved to France, where we lived for 6 years on the south coast enjoying the Mediterranean life style. 

In between those years we have travelled a lot, mostly in Asian countries. I went to primary school in France which gave me the amazing ability to learn the language which is now a second language to me. After the 6 years we moved back to England but continued to travel and from then I was home educated for 5 years. 

We now live in England with my younger brother -Jedidiah- and my step dad (The Ultimate Traveller). We still travelled for half the year and expanded all the way to central America, Europe and North Africa and more of Asia. 

I chose to go to a school part time in 2016 as I wanted to extend my knowledge in photography as that is my passion. But we still travel although for not as long and are currently in Tanzania, South East Africa.