Our cabin was bigger than the other ones because we needed an extra bed. We had one double and a single bed. Mine was the best because it was near the window and every morning I would wake up and peep my head out of the window to see the turquoise blue sea with the reflection of the orange sunrise. We also had a table in the middle of the beds. ImageImageImageImageImageThe shower and toilet was about 20 steps away from our hut(it was a shared bathroom). The shower simply had a bucket and a barrel full of water so you just poured a bucket full of water on your head. The toilet was a normal toilet except you had to pour water down it to flush it. There were a few places to sit outside and a couple of hammocks. There was a place to sit for breakfast but there was only gallo pinto,plantain,cheese,egg and bread for a full breakfast.
We explored the island a few days and this is my favourite spot but not for swimming because it was too rough.Image This beach is quite hard to get to but you can get through to it by a hotel called Casa Iguana which is very very expensive but has a fantastic view of part of the east side. ImageYou can also walk a longer way but that is too complicated to explain. After this beach we went to a pineapple plantation.ImageImage

Image We also went to Otto beach and Goats beach which was nice but it was full of lobster cages.Β ImageImageImageLobster is a very big industry around here. They have at least 5 cages on every beach(not every beach but most of them). For swimming it’s beautiful, it’s like there’s this completely different world to explore just under the waves. Around Goat and Otto beach it’s ok but you can’t get that far because of the reef,it’s too shallow although we did see a ray. The rays are really stunning to see especially the Manta rays which flap their wings like a giant eagle. They have spots on their back. The best place we found for snorkelling was just further down from the beach we were staying on. We always saw a Manta ray there and big “brain” coral. Me and the ultimate traverller went on a snorkelling trip with a few other people which was fantastic.Image They lent us some flippers so that made me go really fast. We went on a boat that took us right out to just where the reefs start breaking. The coral was amazing. There was a sort of coral that was everywhere and that was wonderful. It was like giant, orange stag antlers and when they were in a group it was beautiful to see. We only saw small fish here but I think it was mainly for the coral anyway. We all jumped back on the boat and went further out than where the reef breaks. ImageImageWhen we arrived at the spot they said this is the shark spot! I was a bit scared but I still went in. When I had jumped in I couldn’t believe how deep it was,it was about 12 meters altogether(it’s not overly deep but it was a lot deeper than our first stop). We all swam in a group like before and arrived at a place where Stedman(Stedman is the guide) pointed to a nurse shark under some coral right at the bottom(there wasn’t that much coral). It was under some coral which was between the coral and the sand. And guess what Stedman did!… He swam to the bottom of the sea and pulled the sharks tail!!! No one could believe it! After that the shark came out of it’s hiding place and swam into the distance. The ultimate traveller swam after it but everyone just carried on. I didn’t know if I should go after him or not because he swam really fast so I stayed with the group. I kept turning my head around to see him but nothing and when I did I waved my arms so he could find his way back(because he had gone pretty far). Altogether I saw 4 nurse sharks here. My 4th shark was the best because it was on the sand so you could see it better and examine it closer(sorry no underwater camera so I have no pictures of sharks except this one which was in an outdoor aquarium in Big Corn).Image Next to my last shark there was a different kind of ray which was in the sand. We snorkeled a bit more and found a lobster trap and after that we drove back to Stedmans. On the way back we saw a few manta rays swimming under the wavy water.
I met a friend here who was called Haysha Hacer.Image She spoke creole and spanish.I played with her most of the days and went in the sea and climbed on the boat and jumped off it again until the end of the day. I met her at Stedmans Place because her brother(Jonathan) works there and her mum works next door. Apparently she rents a house on Little Corn but she comes from Bluefields, which is a town on the east coast of Nicaragua. Haysha was nice but a bit cheeky and didn’t seem to know the words please and thankyou. She taught me about a lot of different island fruit. She showed me the Punch fruit which is a dead coconut but a plant has grown on top of it and made a different kind of fruit inside the coconut(it was quite tasty) but if it gets to big then it becomes a tree so you can’t eat it.Image She also showed me the coco plum that grows on a tree and it’s small and pink(it was had a horrible taste,it was dry and awful but my mum liked it). ImageImageThere was the almond nut that came from a tree and then landed on the floor,you could only take the white ones but then you had to bang it for ages until you got to a long nut inside that was really tasty but you had to work really hard to just get 1 nut. One day me and Haysha spent a few hours just cutting them up.ImageImageImageΒ She told me that this tree,when it was ready grapes come up on it(I know it’s weird usually grapes come from vineyards but this might be a different kind) but I didn’t get to try one because they weren’t ready.Image One day me,Haysha and my family went to the other side of the island and got a paddle board which is a board that you stand up on and paddle with a paddle and I really enjoyed that especially when I chased 2 nurse sharks. When I was looking for them it turned out I had floated right above them and I was really scared but I got used to it. I noticed that they had a sort of blue colour on their neck. ImageImageImageImageImage
Once Haysha told me she was scared of sharks,rays and mermaids! So I started asking her about mermaids and it turns out that she hates them and said that if you see one for the rest of your life the mermaid will look for you and hunt down your soul! So when I told this to my family the ultimate traveller said pretend you saw one . So one day I told her I saw one in the reef and she believed me and started to worry and told her brother and they asked me questions of what she looked like… He started telling me stories and it became into a major misunderstanding which resulted in Hayshas mum forbidding her to swim in the sea!. So when we went on the boards Haysha was worried that the mermaid would come to get me(her brother even said that he would go looking for it and kill it because one mermaid took his best friend when he was 8 years old)… After that we both went to her house so she could get changed. We had to go through a tiny hole back entrance to get in. I took some photos of the house which was very basic. The shower was just a curtain hung up, a washing up place, a cupboard with cups and plates, a bit of a space with just one broken down rocking chair and a double bed and a mattress for her brother(her and her mum and dad slept in the double bed) and they had put curtains up to make doors. ImageImageImageShe said her house in Bluefields was bigger and they prefer Bluefields but they have to work here. The house was made of sheet metal like most of the houses.
Another day I helped her brother clean the sea weed from Stedmans part of the beach. My brother helped as well and Haysha did. All he did is but sea weed in the wheel barrow and throw it on a part of the beach which wasn’t theirs! I raked the beach and picked the sea weed up and put it in the barrow. ImageImageImageImage
So thats what we did on Little Corn island for 2 weeks!


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