After our three nights in San Salvador we took the biggest,poshest bus we’ve been on all holiday. It was an air-conditioned bus and it was big(not a shuttle). On the whole journey we had to pass 2 borders. Our first border was from El Salvador-Honduras and we didn’t get off ,a man came on the bus to see our tickets. We didn’t stop once(except at the borders ). Our second border was from Honduras-Nicaragua and this time we did get off to get our passports stamped and it was dark then. We got dropped off at(most people where going to Managua) a petrol station,from there we got a taxi to hostel Tortuga Balooda which was quite near the town center.

Today we explored Leon. When we were heading for the biggest cathedral in Central America there were a few men in suits going in each house spraying a sort of gas to get rid of the mosquitos. It was quite bad to breath.
The cathedral was quite big although I thought it would have been bigger than what it was,especially because it was the biggest cathedral in Central America. All the churches and cathedrals we’ve been in Central America have been quite plain (basically because they have to withstand earthquakes and a lot have been rebuilt) and this was no different but all the same it was nice.ImageImageAll the buildings in Leon are pretty much the same kind as in Antigua but Antigua has more to see and has more people. From my personal view and my families, I think we liked Antigua better. We looked around Leon and we didn’t see much except a few horse carriagesImageImage and churchesImageImage but sometimes it’s just nice to have a walk around. The good thing about our hostel is that there’s a pool table and 2 guitars. I am not that good at playing pool but I can do it. So we played virtually every night. But the best thing is that there was a couple of guitars for guest use,so whenever I had time I just played.It felt brilliant to get back into playing the guitar again.The last time was in Lake Atitlan and before that England. There is also a dove in a nest just outside our room and this is it’s eggs-.ImageImage

Day 2
For breakfast everyone had to make their own pancakes. I’ve never made pancakes before so I listened to the ultimate traveller and at the end of it,it was the thickest pancakes you have ever seen(so it turns out he didn’t know how to make them either). But my mum came to the rescue.
How to make them: Well I am not that sure how to make the mixture because it was already there so I suggest to find it on the internet. First:you put the mixture in a hot pan with oil and leave it till bubbles come up and then flip it overrand do the same with the other side. After that you can do what you want with it,I put honey(or syrup) on it and a banana. I really like doing this because you can make it as thin or as thick as you want and it’s really FUN!
After breakfast we went to buy our plane tickets to the corn islands which is in the Caribbean ocean,about 70 km(43 miles) from the main land of Nicaragua. It only takes 1 hour from Managua(capital of Nicaragua) to Big Corn We are not going there untill a few days in the future.
After that we went on the cathedral terrace which you had to pay to get in. We walked through some gardens in the cathedral and up a wooden spiral stair case. You could only go around a towerImageImageImage but you had a spectacular view of the volcanoes around Leon and Leon itself.ImageImageImageImage About 30 minutes later we went back to the hostel. The ultimate traveller went for a hair cut and came back with super short hair,my brother hardly recognized him. He could only recognize his voice.
Part of day 3
We made pancakes again and I played guitar for the last time here and I also played pool by myself and we all put our luggage in a taxi and we were off for the pacific which is only about 15 minutes away.


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