San Salvador

When we left Lake Atitlan me and my mum walked it into San Marcos town center and the ultimate traveller took a tuc-tuc with all the luggage. We took a shuttle bus and it stopped 2 times on the way to Antigua and carried on to Guatemala city (it’s the only way out of Lake Atitlan). We changed to a bigger bus here. At the border of Guatemala and El Salvador we got off and got our passports stamped. When we arrived in San Salvador we got dropped off at a bus station in the city and took a taxi to Hotel Tazumel which is just outside of San Salvador.

Day 1: This morning we walked to the nearest park to our hotel and took a taxi to the Ninos Museo (childrens museum) which lies in the biggest park in San Salvador.Image We entered the museum and saw lots of things,went in the cockpit of an aeroplane,Image my brother had lots of fun in a childrens play area,ImageI went on television(not real),put a fire mans suit on and helmet and slid down a fire mans bar, saw a big map of Central America,Imagewent in a false volcano,saw a cool colourful old beetle…Image ImageWe also watched the planets in a planetarium and saw lots of beautiful butterflies… It was really quite fun! We ate pizza for a snack and walked around the park. We also walked into the centre of San Salvador through a huge street market and everyone stopped us to look at my brother, I don’t think they had seen a blonde blue eyed baby before! It took ages to get through. Day 2 We all decided to go to the botanical gardens which is just a bit outside San Salvador. The weird thing about the position of these gardens is that it’s right next to an industrial estate. Before you entered the gardens you can see a very nice out door garden center.Image You had to pay to go in the gardens. These gardens were massive! As you go further into the gardens it turns into jungle. We saw cat fish in lovely ponds,iguanas which we thought looked like a chameleon but it wasn’t so we were a bit disappointed(we did see a giant iguana though),Imagegiant turtles and lots of birds. One of the best things I saw was a group of gigantic bamboo.ImageImage There is a cafe probably near the middle of the gardens and we got a chocolate banana on a stick. I also went on some stepping stones in a small pond and touched a turtles back. After here we took a mad public bus full of graffiti,which had a missing seat,some broken windows,some of the floor was missing and a turnstile at the front of the bus which wasn’t used for anything!Image At one point a drunk weird man around 35 years old came on with a skateboard and did a really weird,funny dance and sat right next to me(he also had mad eyes). We got off at the Metro center which is the biggest mall in Central America(not somewhere I am proud of going). We walked through the mall and we got a drink in a smart cafe,I got a delicious caramel smoothie(really really good) and a caramel cake(I love caramel). From there we walked it too the historic center and walked into a church which(we planed on coming here) from the outside looked like a 1970 concrete architecture.Image But on the inside it was the most unusual church I’ve ever been in,the ceiling had a unusual arch shape with stain glass placed on the side walls. The light inside was amazing.Image When we had a good look at this church we got in a taxi(the taxis are yellow here like in America) and went to the Statue of the Revolution which was near an arts museum so we went in there. These are some of the paintings and structures that I liked(although you are not supposed to take pictures but at the time we didn’t know)-.ImageImageImageImageImageImage There are also these unusual but quite good frog like statues-. ImageImageThis is the Statue of the Revolution,which has been built by concrete and colourful stones have been placed on top of the concrete.Image Image In this area it was a bit posher and I think it was probably safer. We couldn’t find any convenient place to eat so we ate in the subway(which was good but they were a bit mean on the amount of food). The next day we left for Leon in Nicaragua. We took our poshest and biggest bus on this journey,we crossed 2 borders, Guatemala-Honduras and Honduras-Nicaragua. Our hotel was a hostel called Tortuga Booluga which wasn’t far from the town center.


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