Our house and what we did there

Our house was a very good sized house with 2 floors and it has a decent size living room,Imagea good kitchen with everything (except a washing machine), a bathroomImage,a loft and 2 good sized bedrooms. The first bedroom which was my parents room had a cupboard,a view of the living room and a giant bed.Image My bedroom had a few shelves a very comfortable,warm bed and a cool rock sticking out of the floor(because this house is built on a rock and it’s called Casa Piedra,which means house of the rock).Image It also has a sauna and a

cold tubImage

with an outside terrace with a lot of grass to play and sunbathe on although you will get bit by ants on the grass. It also comes with a very good and big canoeImage and It has a dock with an annoying squeaking solar-panel right in front of the dock. As you have just heard it is a very good place to stay for a month. We have neighbours on each side of our house, one of our neighburs is the owner who only comes at the weekends and he lives on the ground floor and above him is another flat. Our other neighbours are a sort of music studio and they play MUSIC every tuesday night and play it really loud and late and especially really boring music,that is the only thing that we all dislike about our position. Our house is set in a bay with a good view of all three volcanoes, especially Volcan Tolman and Volcan Atitlan,the jumping point and San Pedro. The days that we stayed at our house we usually read or I do my blog and we go in the canoe or take spanish lessons. I will give you some advice if you go in a canoe on Lake Atitlan,never go in the afternoon because it’s really rough then. During our stay we have rowed to the jumping point and jumped off. We also rowed to Hotel Silani and sometimes we just drifted about.

We had about 4 or 5 saunas ,the first one we had wasn’t good but after that they were really hot(we had to buy our own wood). Whilst we were here we took spanish lessons. The first week we(all my family including Jed did the lessons) did the days of Monday,Wednesday and Friday but the weeks after we only did Monday and Friday. We took spanish lessons until the day before we left and we said good bye. We did 16 hours in total. We mainly learnt how to conjugate verbs and now we can understand a bit more what the people say and of course we can speak to people.

We also saw very beautiful clouds this is a photo of my favourite cloud.-ImageImage

We also did some fishing here(we didn’t catch anything),this is a photo of me and the ultimate traveller-.ImageImage

Views of the house from different directions-.ImageImageImage


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