My First Activity in Atitlan

After  8 nights at hotel Silani we left for our house which we are going to rent for 1 month but when we were moving I didn’t go with my family,instead I went for a puppet animation activity at a place just outside Marcos called Laborotorio De Suenos(Labotory of dreams). It has lots and lots of activities, I will show you the ones I did after this one. We made our puppet out of electric wire,cotton,a sort of big nut for the head and cellotape. All the supplies that I just listed were used to make the skeleton of the puppet. Oh and before we did the skeleton we had to draw the character we wanted to make,it could either be something that already exists or out of your imagination and I did something out of my imagination and this is Life Man-.Image When we had done our skeleton we got lots of cloth and glued it on. I did my rays with cellotape and we painted our faces. I really liked this, these are my reasons, it’s another skill to learn and it was quite interesting and of course it was fun. The man who taught us was himself taught animation by a man from Walt Disney so he was pretty good. The ultimate traveller came to pick me up and I went to our new house. The next day I went back to finish my puppet and get an idea of animation. I came back the next day again and we did the real animation which I really liked. We invented all our moves for our animated movie,our first one was just a practise and it was called Mr Rabutans spectacle(the teacher invented mr rabutan which is a personnage) and we made him do cart wheels and things,you had to take a picture every time you made a small move and put it together at the end. My puppet was just sat down watching his show and I met a new friend there called Zoe and her puppet was a monkey. We did hide and seek by using a plant and Mr Rabutan was looking for Life Man and the Monkey. We also did another one and this was the last one and my favourite one,it was about mine and Zoes puppet rescuing Mr Rabutan because he fell down the stairs. That is the end of my story of my 3 day puppet and animation course! I have the real animation filmed but I can’t add it here yet so watch this space!


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