Cerro Tzankujil in Lake Atitlan

One of the first things we did in San Marcos was go to Cerro Tzankujil. Cerro Tzankujil is a nature reserve with a jumping point and lots of view points.Image

It was 20 quetzales(about £1.50) for my mum and the ultimate traveller and it was 10 quetzales(about 75 pence) for me and,of course it was free for my brother. We took a path that went along the lake side and it brought us to the jumping point which is called trampolin in spanish so don’t get confused like we did. The jumping point is a platform set on a rock,it’s very hard to say but we would judge it at about 12 meters but it looks a lot higher from the top and not that big once your in the water. The ultimate traveller jumped first and then me and mum jumped quite fast after me. I looked over the edge and my heart thumped really hard and I stepped back,my parents were encouraging me from down in the water(my mum was looking after Jed on the platform) and I was quite scared but I reached(there was a gate opended for people to jump off) the end of the floor boards,curled my toes on the end and just jumped off, it only took a few seconds before I reached the fresh water. I did it! This picture is me jumping off-Image. I was really pleased that I did it! I swam towards a rock that was pretty low in the water and sat on it for a bit and went onto the gravel and walked back to the platform. We stayed there nearly all day. After I had done it once I insisted that I wouldn’t do it again but as the day went by I jumped off another 9 times so 10 altogether. Whenever there was an adult who was scared to do it I did it just to show off a bit. When I had done it 10 times we left and went for a walk in the nature reserve. We walked right to the top of the hill(which the nature reserve is set on) and got a brilliant(my mum stayed with my brother about 3/4 up the hill because it was very steep to take my brother up) view of

San Marcos.Image After we took this view into our memory we walked back to the reception and walked back to Silani.


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