Lake Atitlan Part 2

We stayed at hotel Silani for 8 nights in total. While we were there we saw a bit of San Marcos and for a few days we stayed at the hotel which is a great place to hang out (I liked it) because it has quite a bit of grass and it has a platform looking out over the lake from a big height.P1030431 I got 2 lessons at hotel Silani .This is what my first lesson was: I could see two women doing yoga on mats on the grass so I decided to ask if I could join in and they said ” Of course” so they taught me how to do hand stands and cart wheels ( I did all right but I probably can’t do it now) , I probably did 1 hour with them and when they went I practised for another 30 minutes. It was quite fun.P1030464
The next lesson was a photography lesson and the owner,Geraldo taught me. He taught me because I said I want to be a photographer when I grow up(he asked me) and it is true, I do want to be a photographer. I learned about the position,the light,photoshop…. It was a couple of hours and I quite enjoyed it although some of the things were a bit complicated. After all these things we decided to go on an adventure to look for obsidian blades(a couple of` days later)!

Before I tell you our adventure I think I should tell you what obsidian blades are: Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass. It is produced when lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly. Obsidian is hard and brittle:it therefore fractures with very sharp edges,which can be used in the past in cutting and piercing tools. Obsidian was valued in stone age cultures because, like flint,it could be fractured to produce sharp blades or arrowheads and it was used by the mayan people, they would put the blade on the end of a stick to make arrowheads.
We are going to an overgrown ancient mayan city called Chuitinimit which lies on the other side of Santiago bay, it was destroyed by the spanish and apparently there are obsidian blades scattered on the paths which we want to find so we took a boat to San Pedro( that’s the only way to get to Santiago). When we got to Pedro we got a tuc-tuck to Santiago dock which is still in San Pedro and we took a boat to Santiago,the boat took 1 hour to arrive at Santiago (it felt longer than that). When we got to the town we asked if we could get to (that’s the name for this place) and they said that we had to get a private boat across the bay (it was quite a large bay) so we did. When we arrived at the other side you would not think there was a mayan city up the hill (if you go to Chuitinimit there is not much point in asking people where it is,except for Santigo)
We said no to a guide thinking it was a straightforward up and down trip and said we would return in 4 hours for the boat, they went back to Santiago and we started walking up the hill. It was only a small,dirt path and you were surrounded by bushes. If you go don’t expect to see ruins,it’s all overgrown so you won’t see much. A bit further up the hill we found a small grave in what looked like a groto and it had big pieces of obsidian blades and bits of pottery on it. A man appeared from nowhere and we asked him how to get(he didn’t speak any english) to this place and he pointed the direction so we walked in that direction and my mum found a piece of pottery and so did I. Altogether my mum found a couple of pieces of pottery and a lot of obsidian blades and I found 3 obsidian blades and 1 piece of pottery and the ultimate traveller 1 obsidian blade and 1 piece of pottery and my brother found a lot of stones,sticks and dirt. As for wildlife we saw lots of birds ,a squirrel and a cricket.DSCN6240
When we realized we should be heading back, we walked downhill but forgot the way so had no choice but to run through some gardens and up into the trees,maize and nature and found another path going down to the lake but we were lost!. So (it was very steep and we had already lots of scratches on our legs) we followed it and found a fish farm and there was a man who very very kindly drove us around the bay until, thankfully we found our boat(it had my brothers pram on the boat). We gave the man some money for bringing us then we made the whole journey in reverse to get home.


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