Lake Atitlan

We left early in the morning from hotel Maria and we got a mini bus to Lake Atitlan. Lake Atitlan is about 3 hours from Antigua. If you don’t like winding roads take a sick bag with you. When you come down the winding roads into Lake Atitlan you get a fantastic view of the lake, although it is very hard to get a photograph.
Lake Atitlan is the largest and deepest lake in Central America and is surrounded of three volcanoes. These volcanoes are not active at the moment and they are named: Volcan Tolman, Volcan Atitlan and Volcan Pedro. Volcan Tolman and Volcan Atilan are together Volcan Atitlan is behind Tolman and Tolman is in front. Volcan Pedro is on the other side of the bay of a town called Santiago. Here is a map of the lake:DSCN6139

When we arrived at the biggest town on the lake,Panajachel we got another bus to the dock which wasn’t far from where we got dropped off but we have a lot of luggage so… If you are a family like us you will get hassled to get a private boat which is a lot more expensive but we got a public one. We were going to San Marcos which is one hour from Panajachel by boat. On the lake there was no other boats except the transport boats and canoes which you can rent and 1 odd sailing boat and the local fisherman.RSCN6331 We stopped off 8 times before we reached San Marcos. There are two docks in San Marcos,there is the town dock and an outside dock with has a green concrete building on the pier and this dock is right near a hotel called Hotel Silani.DSCN6074 We didn’t know at the time that there were two docks so we got off at the first one,I will call it Hotel Silani dock. We tried to get in this hotel but it was full but the owner,Geraldo said that there might be the dormitory available for tomorrow. So me and the ultimate traveller started walking towards the town center which was about 7 minutes from hotel Silani. There are a lot of hotels in the town but they were either full or too expensive,here are a few hotels: La Paz,Dragon El, Hotel Del Lago(a hippy place),Hotel Quetzal and there is a lot more. They were all full because there was a music festival in Panajachel. After one hour we still didn’t find anything so in the end we all took a boat to San Pedro which is across the lake from San Marcos but we left our luggage at hotel Silani with a promise that we would get a room tomorrow. We found a hotel very easily in San Pedro near the dock. We stayed there for only one night and it is quite a good price here to eat out because there are a lot of Israelis and usually where Israelis are things tend to be cheaper so we ate at a restaurant called Shanti Shanti and it is very good food and good value. There are no atms in Marcos so you would have to come here. The next day we returned to San Marcos and got the dormitoryDSCN6162 for ourselves and we got a brilliant view of the lake and the volcanoes.DSCN6109


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