Monday 30/12/2013

We had one more night in Semuc Champey and left the next morning. This was another 10 hour journey. We stayed in Antigua for 4 nights. Most of the hotels were either full or 100 dollars per night! It took us around 40 minutes to find a convenient place to stay. Our hotel was called Hotel MariaDSCN5980 and we were the only people there except the family who lived there,they were really nice people. Antigua is a beautiful colonial town, the only problem is that all the streets looked the same and it is easy to get lost.DSCN5760

Tuesday 31/12/2013

We had delicious chocolate strawberrys on a stick for breakfast and saw a bit of the town and went back to our hotel for a shower and went out for an indian meal on New Years Eve and there was fireworks and bands and a man running up and down with wings of fire ! After that I found the way back to Hotel Maria in the dark (it wasn’t easy).

Wednesday 1/1/2014

Hope you had a good new years day! I had a chocolate crepe for breakfast and we spent all our day looking at different churches and ruins in Antigua(we didn’t see all of them,there are too many).DSCN5762 DSCN5819 DSCN5877 DSCN5823 DSCN5857I think we saw 4 churches altogether including the ruins and including San Francisco church,where there was a Saint named Hermano Pedro who healed lots of people who were either disabled or sick peopleDSCN5861…He was also the first saint in Central America.

We took a taxi up to the cross(there is a cross on top of a hill,straight above Antigua) which had a spectacular view of the volcano and the beautiful town itself. Except from on top of a volcano or an aeroplane this place has probably the best view of Antigua.DSCN5888

Thursday 2/1/2014

Today we tried to find a park,but unfortunately we didn’t,so we ended up seeing an organic farm that was planting different sorts of salad DSCN5944and there was lots of different sorts of flowers and they were selling organic chocalate… We found this place unexpectedly but its absolutely worth a visit.
If you don’t want to eat in a restaurant there are quite a lot of food stalls near this church,which is what we did tonight.


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