Different Mayan Sites We’ve Visited on our First Trip To Mexico

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The first mayan site we visited was the Tulum ruins in Tulum. Tulum ruins was probably my least favourite. Why? firstly ,it was very busy. Second,there wasn’t many ruins and thirdly because you can’t walk up any of the ruins. But the location is wonderful. It’s right on the edge of the Caribbean Ocean and if you go to Tulum beach further down you get quite a good view of the ruins from a distance.

The second mayan ruin we visited was Coba. Coba covers an area of 75 square kilometers. When we got there, there was a biggish pyramid at the entrance which you couldn’t walk up and we thought that was the main one so we were very disappointed as we thought you could walk up the main one. But as we walked on we saw lots of different pyramids and when we had walked 2 kilometers into the jungle we saw a giant pyramid and as time moved on we realized that this was the main one! When we reached the top we were overlooking the jungle. I felt as if I was a bird high, high above the ground. On each side there were trees growing up the pyramid. When I reached the ground my legs were shaking for about 5 or 10 minutes.

The third mayan ruin we visited was Chichen Itza. The first building you see when you walk in is the Kukulcan pyramid(the main one). The Kukulcan pyramid is nowhere near as big as the Coba pyramid but this one is very well designed and renovated (I would suggest to go early before the tour buses arrive). It has 91 steps on each of the 4 sides of the pyramid equaling 364 days in one year. On the north side of the pyramid there are 2 snake heads that represent the god Kukulcan. Apparently on the spring and autumn equinox there will be the snakes body running down the northern balustrade of the pyramid to meet the snakes head. There is also the largest ball court in Mesoamerica and the sacred cenote, the observatory, the group of the thousand columns,the church and nunnery…

The fourth mayan ruin we visited is less popular than the others, it’s called Ek Balam. At Ek Balam there isn’t many other ruins to see apart from the main one.There is the twins pyramid (gemini) ,a small ballcourt and some other buildings that don’t have names. The name of the main pyramid is  Acropolis. Acropolis looks like a small village when you look at it,with all rooms at the bottom…The good thing about here is you can climb every one including the Acropolis. Half way up the main pyramid there is the El Trono. El Trono is on the left of the stairway and it’s a small building full of carvings and drawings of something like angels and other things I couldn’t describe.It’s definitely worth going to visit.


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