A Real Adventure

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On thursday the 5th of december we decided to drive all the way to Punta Allen. Punta Allen is a small fishing town further down from Tulum on a thin peninsular. Punta Allen is also in a nature reserve called Sian Ka’an. When we got to the entrance of the nature reserve we had to pay 27 pesos (about £1.35) each to get in.

The road was horrendous at the beginning of the voyage, it was like a roller coaster, it kept going up and down for at least one hour. Before we reached the bridge we saw two things; the first was a short thin black snake and it stood up whilst we were watching .The second was a bright, fluorescent, green lizard.

We arrived at the bridge and if you looked left you could see the sea and on the right you could a massive lagoon full of mangroves. On the left there was also a wooden bridge which was apparently the older bridge!!!. Straight after the bridge we could see the water from the lagoon coming in and in the water there was a pelican with a giant fish in it’s mouth.We waited a while and out of nowhere there came a Rosietta Spoonbill,it’s a bit like a flamingo.

The good thing after the bridge was that the road got smoother. From the start of the nature reserve to Punta Allen it’s 45 kilometers. In the whole journey we only stopped once to have some food and drink on a beautiful white sandy beach. About another 25 kilometers further we reached a hotel called the Grand Slam.We asked how much it was to stop one night and they said 300 dollars! So of course we said no. If you did about 4 steps forward from the Grand Slam there was the biggest and deepest puddle i’ve ever seen, it was like a river! Ian wanted to drive through it but me and mum talked him out of it. So,we turned around and drove back to a hotel we had seen about 35 minutes earlier.

When we got there we got a room on the beach for 150 dollars ( this was a one off). The room was very spacious and luxurious……,it had two very comfortable and high beds one brilliant shower, 2 chairs and a coffee table and a toilet. At about 8:30 pm we went to lie on a sunbed to examine the milky way. This was the most beautiful view of the constellations I have ever seen in my life,we could see millions of stars.

On friday morning we woke up at 5:45 am to see the sunrise,the sun came up at 6:15 am. We had to leave the hotel at 11am so we did but instead of driving back to Villa Tortugas we drove to the Grand Slam and walked down the beach to Punta Allen. This town was a little deserted but there was still people working in their stalls. Their houses were like shacks. We spent half an hour there and then back to the car and drove 4 hours and 30 minutes back to our place in Akumal. All in all a real adventure.


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