On Tuesday the 24/12/2013 we woke up early in the morning and got a mini bus to a famous Mayan site in Guatemala named Tikal. We decided not to do the sun rise and we made a good decision because it was a very misty morning. We got the mini bus from Flores which is where we were staying at the time(I haven’t had internet for a long time so I am a bit behind). It’s about a 1 hour drive from Flores. Flores is a town on a island with a bridge connecting to the main land and it’s in Guatemala.

Tikal is a big Mayan site of about 140 squared km and it’s set in the jungle.  When we arrived at the Mayan site the first thing we saw was a coatil-mundiImage on the grass. As we walked on we saw a sort of giant hamster,Imagealso in the grass. I think if you went to Tikal you are very likely to see a coati. When we got to a junction between 2 paths we chose the left one and more jungly one,after about 15 minutes we saw 2 deerImage come out of the trees. This path led us to temple six,this temple was a small building with some carvings above the door but you couldn’t walk up it ,we did sneakily try but it was very slippery. We continued on the same path and we saw a few monkeys perched in a tree,we didn’t know if they were spider or howler monkeys. On the same path we came across a palace with a court yard… We saw a few more buildings until we came up to the main plazaImage where there’s lots to see. There’s one (a lot of the temples in the plaza you can walk up) building which you can walk up from the back (by wooden steps) and you will find a beautiful design on the top and across from this building there is another one where the steps go slightly higher but you can’t walk up that one.

For animals and birds in the plaza I saw a woodpecker with a red headImage(they are quite common) and green parrotsImagea vulture Imageand a sort of leaf like green caterpillarImage

There are also lots of passageways and things to explore near the plaza. We carried on until we reached the main pyramid (temple 4). You could not see the front steps because it is overgrown with trees, but you could walk up the side where wooden steps have been placed. It is quite easy and quick to walk up these steps (unlike at Coba) and when you reached the top there were stone steps going to a small building with a plain white inside (you couldn’t go in) and the jungle underneath was full of mist Imageon the tree tops. At the bottom of the temple there was a family of coaties and turkeysImage(at different times).

There are also different temples to see but this site is twice as big as Coba (Coba is about 70 squared km)! So we probably didn’t see all of it but we did a see massive part of it (maybe 3/4). It’s really worth going for the temples and animals. But you couldn’t go for 1 hour,if you went you would have to go for at least one day and 2 if you have the time.


2 thoughts on “TIKAL

  1. that his a very well written descriptive account of your time there.the photo’s are fantastic and complement the text perfectly.this account definitely inspires one to visit this wonderful site. well done ,and please keep us informed with more tales of your adventures. xxxx

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