Winter Travels

Today is the day we leave for India. We will be going until April. The countries on our list so far are; India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and perhaps the Andaman islands.

This will be my 8th visit and my brothers first. I hope he enjoys it, even though he’ll probably not remember, I hope he does. Also my Auntie will be joining us on this trip so I hope she has a great time.

Can’t wait for the sun and the warm sea! I hope you will keep track and thanks for reading up to now!


3 thoughts on “Winter Travels

  1. I did nor realize that this was you (or Donna), as you have both changed (or so it appears to me) !!
    Hope you are all enjoying your exotic travels.
    Accrington may be seem a bit dull ??
    Love and best wishes to everyone.

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