Gibraltar Rocks

We couldn’t travel down the East coast of Spain and not visit the famous Gibraltar rock, especially since it’s British owned- and I’m glad we did. The town itself in Gibraltar doesn’t have loads to offer but there was a stage and music going on later that evening and plenty of Christmas shoppers.

Crossing the runway towards Gibraltar Rock-

The views where out of this world once we mounted the mountain on the cable cars. We got a stamp in our passports (always a great day when that happens). Monkeys sat on every rock, greedily eyeing up tourists bags and hats and one almost succeeded as it jumped on my mothers head, eyeing up the snacks in her bag below him.


TUT (The Ultimate Traveller (joke)- father) put on a show to the curious looks of other tourists as he whacked the monkey off her head with his (man) bag and the audience surrounding us gave a noise of utter shock. The limestone rocks towered over the country and the ocean, as if guarding it, as it once did once upon a time.


From the top we could see miles and miles of Spain but also, across the ocean, we could see the start of Morocco- our next country. Times like these really put into perspective how small we and the world are in the grand scheme of things.


Boats dotted the dark blue mass like insignificant ants below the horizon- which seemed to keep growing.


St Michaels Cave is worth visiting with it’s grand rock formations and light show- they hold concerts in here!


The lights highlighted the design within the stalagmites -and stalactites- and the secrets they hold.


Layers of fortification run all over Gibraltar rock.

Mischievous Punch-

They include “the remains of a 14th-century Moorish Castle and the 18th century Great Siege Tunnels, which were expanded in WWII.”


The tunnels themselves were impressive; there are around 34 miles worth of tunnels here, built over the space of nearly 200 years by the British army.

The last overnight stay before Morocco; Los Barrios. A strange town with many people trying to get into Morocco when crossing the border- so, naturally, security was high. We found a small children’s play area with trampolines and even stranger activities- it was like going back in time.. years with loads of hazards, freaky faces and old themes.

*Due to losing all my photos from this years trip from a house break-in I have used and will be using phone images from now on until this trip is completed*.


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  1. Great to see some pics of the rock – I’ve got family out there and visit occasionally but usually stay over in La Linea next door. It’s an unusual place isn’t it?! With so much history once you leave the main shopping strip behind!

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