Stone Town

After the amazing time spent on our safari we took a coach back to Dar Es Salaam. This time there was no air con and I ended up sitting next to this nice young African woman who by the end of the journey seemed to wonder why I refused the slimy bloody piece of meat she had purchased from the street stall.(I’m vegetarian)


We ended up staying in a hotel situated in a rough neighbourhood of the city. Before I knew it we were at the docks waiting to board the ferry along with locals and a small handful of other tourists. Two hours later we were in the lovely city of Stone town- the capital city of Zanzibar.

Maman- Travellingminstrel

The city’s architecture mostly dates back to the 19th century, reflects the various influences underlying the Swahili culture, with the East African culture being preeminent, there is also a mixture of Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements.

Sibling love – Travellingminstrel

Because of this, the city is now a UNESCO heritage site. It is hard to find a city this unique and I think this is why it touched my heart and opened my eyes to the beauty of the streets that meandered their way around the over hanging houses in an orderly chaos.

One of the great pieces of architecture-Travellingminstrel
Pink tint – Travellingminstrel
Spiralling – Travellingminstrel

We stayed in a hotel not far from the port for a few nights to get settled in to Zanzibar culture.

People watching-Travellingminstrel

We didn’t visit many of the attractions but we did get lost enough times for me to get some bearings of the city which came in handy when me and mum visited again!


After 3 days we set off once more for Nungwi further north.


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