Bye Egypt

The night before we left Egypt, I couldn’t sleep a wink. It felt weird knowing I was leaving Egypt after being here for nearly 3 months and Jordan for 2 weeks (which was also excellent) I felt sick and strange. We’ve all enjoyed our stay in Egypt, my personal favourites were; My desert trip in Dahab, the fantastic snorkelling, hot air balloon, Dendera and the visit to the pyramids. Petra was magical too (in Jordan). I hope all my readers have enjoyed it as much as I have too!


We took a morning flight to Athens which was only 2 hours away. We saw amazing views of the thousands of islands of Greece which kept us entertained.

When we landed we were awed by the greenery, coolness and grey clouds as we haven’t felt or seen any of them in months. We picked a taxi, showed him a map of where our apartment was (that mum had printed out, yes she’s organized) and off we were on our first drive through the huge, busy capital city of Athens.

Mum had picked an apartment on a street which was about a 15 minute walk to the centre. We arrived at the building and rang the bell and eventually the owner turned up to let us in.
When we walked in we were surprised at how clean and posh it was compared to Egypt. For a change we could drink water out of the tap.

We had our own kitchen as well which was useful and all the usual stuff. We stayed in Athens for 5 days which was enough for just a tourist visit but if you wanted to visit all the back streets and go on lots of ferry rides I suggest to stay a lot longer!

Enjoy my next post from Athens!


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