Hieroglyphic Mysteries

Today we drove to two other temples, Abydos and Dendera. Abydos is famous for the hieroglyphs that resemble an aeroplane, submarine and helicopter. Dendera is famous for having inscriptions resembling two light bulbs but I am not 100% on either of them that I truly believe that or not.

First we drove to Abydos which was around a 3 hour drive into the desert. About half an hour before you arrive it turns into more of a rough track which was unexpected.

After that you drive though the modern village of Abydos which has remained untouched by tourists. Our driver (Farag, who is the brother of the owner of our apartment) dropped us outside the entrance.

Abydos - Travellingminstrel #
Abydos – Travellingminstrel #1

We walked up the new steps up to Seti 1st temple and after that we looked around. The helicopter and aeroplane hieroglyphs aren’t exactly in plain view but we spotted them. They were towards the left of the entrance, up high and seemed to be larger than most of the others.

Aeroplane hieroglyph - Travellingminstrel #
Aeroplane hieroglyph – Travellingminstrel #2

Some people think they have been worn off (or are hieroglyphs on top of each other) from a hand like shape for the jet and an oval one for the submarine which we also spotted.

Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #3

I could go through lots of conclusions that probably wouldn’t be close to the real truth and it will take most of my blog post so I will leave it at that and you make up your own mind.

The ceiling - Travellingminstrel #
The ceiling – Travellingminstrel #4

We walked through the pillars and examined each individual one (I did anyway).

The Hall - Travellingminstrel#
The Hall – Travellingminstrel#5

We went though all the secret rooms and found other gods I hadn’t seen yet.

Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #6
Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #7
Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #8

We headed outside the main temple for the temple of the Osireion. TUT (the Ultimate Traveller) was the most interested in going there and that’s how I think we got in.

The Osireon - Travellingminstrel #
The Osireion – Travellingminstrel #9

The Osireion was further down into the ground than the Seti’s temple, with water running through it (green water with dead pigeons in it). The gate was barred off by wire so we asked an archaeologist if it was possible to go in and he asked TUT what he knew about the temple.

He told him about the ‘flower of life’ etchings on the massive granite megaliths

The Flower of Life - Travellingminstrel #10
The Flower of Life – Travellingminstrel #10

and the similarity in construction to the Valley Temple of Giza.

After that he let us in which was surprising. He kept telling us that the photos should remain secret. He showed us in some of the rooms and after a small tour TUT was satisfied (as he had been dying to go in).

We wanted to see another temple but we had to take a guard with us, who took us to Rameses temple.

Rameses temple - Travellingminstrel #
Rameses temple – Travellingminstrel #11

This temple wasn’t as well preserved but had fantastic hieroglyphs to examine-.

Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #12
Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #13
Statues - Travellingminstrel #
Statues – Travellingminstrel #14

After that our work here was done so we left for Dendera.

Dendera - Travellingminstrel #
Dendera – Travellingminstrel #15

Dendera is not as famous as Abydos but it’s a lot newer. This was a lot busier as it is closer to Luxor. I was looking forward to coming here more than Abydos after the information I had read off the internet. But TUT wanted to see Abydos more.

The main hypostyle hall had huge pillars with their original colours still on. I really loved the pillars as they had the head of goddess Hathour on top.

Hypostile hall - Travellingminstrel #
Hypostyle hall – Travellingminstrel #16

After looking some more a guy came up to us and started showing us the place (if someone does that the first thing to do is say no but we left it too late so what can you do?) and kept showing mum the spiritual places in each rooms, by moving her around, which he seemed to like!

Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #17

Before he took us up to the roof terrace he showed us the light-bulbs. It wasn’t easy to find so if you wanted to see them be prepared to give them a bit of money to show you where it is.

We went through a door in the floor and down a steep stair case which had a low ceiling. The man didn’t follow us he just stayed at the top which was good. Once you reach the bottom which wasn’t far there is a thin corridor leading towards the left and the right.

Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #18

On the left were the light-bulbs. We scanned them carefully trying to figure out what it could be. On one side of the wall are the two of them together and on the other side is just an individual one.

Light Bulb - Travellingminstrel #
Light Bulb – Travellingminstrel #19
Light Bulb - Travellingminstrel #
Light Bulb – Travellingminstrel #20

But the thing was they were way too big and there are no other known ones like this. We left even more puzzled and carried on up to the roof.

We followed him up a steep stair case to find a great view waiting for us. We saw the Zodiac (but apparently it’s not the real one which is in the Louvre in Paris).

The Zodiac - Travellingminstrel #
The Zodiac – Travellingminstrel #21

In a lot of shrine rooms

Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #22

we saw the goddess Nut, the goddess of the sky, who is one of my favourites.

God Nut - Travellingminstrel #
God Nut – Travellingminstrel #23

I had learned most of the gods and goddesses in a book, so it was good to point out who they were.I know some hieroglyphs but I haven’t got my head around that one yet.

Once we gave him a tip and told him we were ok we left him to find some more tourists. We went around to the back of the temple to see the line of gods lined up together in a row with the god Hathor in the center.

Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #24

We had a quick look at the empty outdoor purification baths

Travellingminstrel #
Travellingminstrel #25

and then headed towards the temple of Bes. Bes is my very favourite egyptian god. I don’t know why but he just is. You have to like him.

Bes - Travellingminstrel #
Bes – Travellingminstrel #26

That was the end of another big ‘site’ seeing day!

Note: If you have any thoughts about the light bulbs or the helicopter like hieroglyphs and you are interested please type away and leave comments.


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